version - 200X

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  • engine control unit (ecu) for small gas turbines
  • govenor for gas engine powerd helicopters


  • rc flyer: HET RC Yak, Yoda, Piper, Me109, Elipstick, F117, MPX Charter
  • rc helicopter: Schlüter Champion, Moskito and Comeback, Align T-Rex 450, Lipoly V1, Mikrocopter
  • fourstroke engine: OS FS 90
  • selfbuild gas turbine KJ66 and modification to shaftpower


  • E23: 745i with M103 turbo engine
  • E30: M40 camshaft / timing belt exchange
  • GSX 1400: install automatic chain oiler, electronic problems, suspension setup
  • GSX 600F adjustment of vaulve shims, head bearing exchange
  • MTB components selection and setup
  • selfbuild composite recumbent bicycle
  • Paraglider / Paramotor
  • Microlight aircraft